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Vertex Surveys is Regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. We have considerable knowledge and experience of all types of Land Survey Techniques enabling us to specialise in the difficult field of contentious boundary disputes. The successful resolution of boundary disputes demands two particular skills 1) the precise understanding of the client’s requirements and aspirations and 2) the ability to understand and appraise the technical details of the dispute.


Some of the Professional services we offer include:

Boundary Surveys & Consultancy

Boundary issues can arise when adjoining land owners disagree over the curtilage of their property. Quite often this is the result of misinterpretation of the deeds, conveyances, land registry, and title plans for their properties. Alternatively the existing boundary features may have been removed, moved or perished.


We always recommend adjoining owners should try and resolve any boundary issues between themselves through mediation if possible. This avoid the stress and costs of the courts. However, if you require professional advice we can help.

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Land Registry Compliant Plans


If you want to convert your house into flats, sell a portion of your back garden for development, renew a seven year plus lease, or register your property with Land Registry, you will require a Land Registry Compliant Plan.

Vertex provides specialised services in producing Land Registry Compliant First Registration, Transfer, Determined and Lease Plans. We have provided these for private clients, commercial enterprises and the legal profession.

Using this experience, Vertex can ensure the fast production of accurate plans to both Land Registry guidelines and RICS codes of measurement practice.

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