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Engineers precisely locate new structures and features in position & elevation. The methodology and the equipment used are entirely dependent on the pre-set tolerances.


Some of the engineering services we offer include:

Site enginering , site engineer , as-built survey , Land surveyor , land surveying , topographical survey , topographical surveying
Site Engineering

Vertex Surveys has the experience and the technology available to determine both the methodology and subsequent setting out. This includes (but not limited to); Site control, Grids, Levels, Datums, Foundations, Subsurface Features, Buildings, Roads and Boundaries.

We Quality Assure all work and issue proof of setting out results documentation.

As-built survey , land surveyor , land surveying , topographical surveying , topographical surveyor

As-Built survey

During the construction process we can check the as-built environment. This involves accurately surveying the structure or feature and performing a direct comparison to the design drawing.


It is hugely important to ensure high precision, pre-fabricated features fit the as-built environment, before erection. Locations must be precise as the correction of  any construction errors  at a later stage may not be a simple task.

Monitoring , site engineer
Monitoring survey

Structural monitoring will be needed if you suspect a building or structure has a subsidence or movement issues, or if there is  excavation or construction work being undertaken in the vicinity.  Vertex monitors buildings by setting up an accurate control network of total stations and placing targets on the building or structure in question.


Once settled, we record base readings of these targets. We then periodically re-visit the structure and take new measurements to the targets. Results are then compared, which indicates if there has been movement

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