Land surveyor services and topographical surveys

Land surveys and topographical surveys accurately detail the contours and existing features on the surface of the earth using highly accurate surveying instrumentation, including total station theodolites, 3D Laser scanners and GPS rover units. We invest heavily in the latest technology to give the best results in a short timescale, so your project is not held up.


What we do

Our highly trained RICS accredited land surveyors use this instrumentation to create accurate plans that display exact features to scale on any given site. Features on a standard land survey include trees, buildings, streets, walkways, roads, manholes, utility services, retaining walls and boundaries.


Who we work with

Vertex Surveys have created thousands of different surveys for numerous different types of projects, including building sites, private houses, fields, roads, motorways, water courses, bridges and many more. Some of our clients include NHS Property Services, MCA Architecture and DMH Stallard Solicitors.

Why a land survey or topographical survey is crucial.

The specifications for land surveying and topographical surveying can vary greatly depending on the requirements. We believe that the beginning of all projects starts with a land survey. The accuracy attained at the beginning of a project greatly reduces costly setbacks through the planning, design, and construction process.

2d Topographical Survey Specification

The accuracy of the data we provide is commensurate to scale in accordance with the RICS specification for surveys of land and buildings (ISBM 084506 536 3).

Survey position, datum and orientation are provided to client specification (OSNG, ODN, local grid and datum).

Survey Specification can be amended to specification client requirements.

  • Buildings; outline detail at ground level, overhead building structures
  • Street features; kerbs, pavements, change of surface, walls, street furniture, signage, planters, bus stops, crossings
  • Services; service covers, junction boxes, gullies, above-ground drainage features, overhead cables, poles
  • Boundaries; walls, fences, hedges, root lines, gates, including heights and construction
  • Ground levels; all ground features have an associated level. Ten-metre level grid in open areas and road sections
  • Above ground levels; ridge and eaves to existing and surrounding buildings, where visible from within site demise
  • Trees and foliage; all trees with boles 200mm and above surveyed at 1.5m above ground level (including position, species, canopy radius and height), shrubs, hedges, and copses shown in outline detail
  • Drainage

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