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Vertex has the expertise to deliver your project to the highest standards.

Some of the surveying services we offer include:

Topogra[hical survey , Topographical surveyor , Land surveyor , Land surveying ,
Topographical Land  Surveys

Land surveys accurately detail the contours and existing features on the surface of the earth. These include, trees, buildings, streets, walkways, manholes, utility services, retaining walls and boundaries etc.

The specification for topographical surveys can vary greatly depending on the requirements. It is important to ensure accuracy when setting the specification to reduce costly set-backs through the planning, design, and construction process.

Measured building survey , elevations , floor plans , land surveyor , land surveying , topographical surveying , topographical surveyor
Measured building surveys


A measured building survey (MBS) defines all the structural elements, architectural features, fittings, services and levels to give an accurate representation of a building. MBS might be required for refurbishment, renovations, structural monitoring, space planning, lease plans and area calculations.

Measured Building Services Vertex provides: 

  • 2D Floor Plans, Street Scenes, Elevations, Sections, Reflected ceiling plans in AutoCAD dwg\dxf & Pdf

  • 3D models (wire frame & rendered), Point Clouds

  • Area Calculations to both IPMS & RICS standards

  • Land Registry Compliant Registration & Lease Plans

Volume calculations , spoil heap calculations ,topographical surveyor , Topograhical survey , land surveyor , land surveying

Setting out surveys and volumes

Vertex uses cutting edge hardware and software to offer 3D Digital Terrain Modelling for volume calculations. We survey and calculate volumes for a range of different scenarios such as, spoil heap removal,  hard core volume calculations following  demolition and cut and fill exercises. 

These models can be complied in different formats including, topographical surveys, spreadsheet calculations, cross sections for rivers, and profile drawings.

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