Shere Church 3D Laser Scan

May 23, 2017 | News

Shere church is a stunning display of Norman architecture. Set in the surrey hills, the structure is backed by its impressive surroundings.

The exercise for the church is a purely visual display of the impressive structure. All though accuracy was important to some degree, it was not pivotal to the outcome of the project.

The faro focus 130 was prefect to use for this building. As accuracy was not paramount, independent survey control wasn’t necessary. Cloud to cloud visual alignment was more than adequate for the registration of the scan detail. Full photo overlay was used in every scan as the visuals are far superior to the black and white standard imagery.

The only real problem collecting the 12 scans that populated the externals of the church was the brightness of the sun distorting the aperture of the colour photos. This is where the faro isn’t quite as good as other 3D laser scanners on the market. The glare of the sun totally dominates the photos effecting the point cloud. When processing though, there are filters and some manipulations you can do, and this really sharpens up the look of the overall project.

The inside consisted of 13 colour scans and this was a very easy task. The 3D imagery of the 8-meter high stain glass window looks particularly impressive. Processing in scene was a doddle and didn’t take long at all. We then used an external source to make a beautiful fly-through of the structure, I’ll post this when it’s complete.

All in all, a fascinating project and I can’t wait to share the results. Thanks to all the guys at Shere parish council and especially Nick, for all his help!

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